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Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 17:54
2016 Minority Student Leadership Recipients

Recipients of the 2016 ASHA Minority Student Leadership Program

~ Written by Rebekka Dagher (Graduate Student)

        This past September, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into ASHA’s Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP). MSLP is designed for students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees in speech-language pathology and/or audiology who identify as cultural or ethnic minorities. ASHA covers all costs for the convention as well as room and board for the week.

        The program this year took place for one week in November at the annual ASHA convention in Philadelphia. It was designed to promote leadership, involvement, and professional confidence. Days were spent in leadership seminars, networking with professionals in the field, having discussions about our roles and responsibilities in the speech pathology/audiology field, attending ASHA meetings and events, as well as generally getting to bond with fellow future professionals who come from similar backgrounds and understandings. I was even able to sit in on a Board of Ethics meeting with our very own Patti Solomon-Rice! This opportunity gave me a refreshing perspective into the speech therapy world, and allowed me to understand that being a minority in this field is something to be empowered by and to use as a stepping-stone for making an impact in every community I work in. In our current political and cultural climate, getting to spend a week with such a diverse set of 38 students from all across the country was inspiring, motivating, invigorating, and, without exaggeration, life-changing. I left Philadelphia with a new group of friends who I know I can look to for guidance, understanding, and support whenever I need it.

        Applications are now open! If this is something that you are interested in applying for, please visit this link and get started as soon as possible! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail at