High Tech AAC for Spanish Speakers

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 13:28

Alumna Vanessa Fanourgiakis, CCC-SLP, is a bilingual speech-language pathologist specializing in AAC. She is also a graduate of Project CLLASS, the AAC specialization grant directed by Drs. Nancy Robinson and Gloria Soto. She recently wrote an article for the ASHA Leader called, "High Tech AAC for Spanish Speakers"( http://blog.asha.org/2016/03/08/high-tech-aac-for-spanish-speakers/).

We recently asked Vanessa to share her experience since graduating from the CD Program. She wrote:

I received my Master of Science in Communication Disorders from San Francisco State University in Spring 2012. I completed the Project CLLASS (Collaborating for Language and Literacy through Augmentative Systems) grant, which provided me with ample opportunities to expand my knowledge of AAC before entering the workforce. In the past four years I have worked for public school districts in San Francisco and the Peninsula as a bilingual-Spanish AAC specialist. I've been fortunate enough to serve two Spanish immersion schools (and more than ten non-immersion schools) and participate as an Assistive Technology Team member in two different districts. As an AAC specialist working with Spanish speakers I've always wanted to explore bilingual high-tech AAC options. I hope that the information in my article can be useful to those hoping to explore the same.

Thank you for all you do, Vanessa!