NSSLHA In Action! (Academic Year 2016-17)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 18:50

~Written by Jan-Amour Llorico, edited by Vanessa Oropeza.

Hello CD students! My name is Jan-Amour Llorico, and I am the Vice-President and Head Volunteer Coordinator of NSSLHA (National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association) at SFSU. Taking the reins of our forerunners, we 2016-2017 officers, are now the proud successors of maintaining our principal mission of NSSLHA. We strive to nourish the professional growth and development of our students in the Communicative Disorders Program by providing academic, professional, and social support.

One of our core objectives as an organization is to get involved in our community and lend a helping hand to others. We started the school year off to a great start, becoming a part of the volunteer team at the first ever SF Walk for Apraxia, in which we raised funds and awareness for children with Apraxia of speech. Recently, our NSSLHA members volunteered at the Big Wave Harvest Festival and Support for Families Annual Fundraiser Gala, where we assisted these amazing organizations in advocating and supporting those with disabilities. Not only are we helping various communities, but the members of NSSLHA also gain outside professional experience and a chance to connect with others! This school year entails plenty of exciting volunteering opportunities with local organizations and I am tremendously thrilled of what awaits.

To get in on these wonderful volunteering opportunities, join us every Tuesday in Burk Hall 149 at noon. GO NSSLHA! If you are interested in getting involved with us please visit our website at www.nsslhasfsu.com or email us at nsslha@mail.sfsu.edu

P.S. Like us on Facebook for current updates (SFSU NSSLHA) & follow us on Instagram @nsslha_sfsu