Welcome to the Inter-AACtion Lab

The aims of the Inter-AACtion Lab are to:

  1. Better understand and support interpersonal interaction by children who are provided with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools and strategies.
  2. Support students to develop clinically focused research skills in the area of AAC.

Augmentative and alternative communication refers to methods of communication other than speech. This includes use of a broad set of non-linguistic resources such as gestures, vocalizations, body orientation, touch and eye-gaze, as well as language-based AAC, which refers to systems and tools that provide for the use of words, such as speech generating devices and communication books and charts. People who use AAC, or are in need of AAC, cannot rely on speech for communication. The ultimate goal of AAC interventions is to enhance the participation of people who cannot rely on speech in ways that are meaningful for them and their families/communities.