Mission & Vision


The mission of the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) at San Francisco State University is based on our commitment to antiracism and other forms of anti-discrimination as fundamental to our professions, and essential to our preparation of professionals to:

  • Identify, challenge and dismantle institutional, environmental, sociocultural, informational, attitudinal and linguistic barriers to accessible, equitable and transformative communication for individuals with communication disabilities and those whose right of expression are diminished or silenced;
  • Develop, model, disseminate and adopt best practices in the provision of equitable, competent, compassionate and culturally/linguistically responsive services to individuals with communication disabilities across the lifespan; and
  • To promotes linguistic diversity and recognize the use of different languages and Englishes among our students and professionals as an asset to our academic and professional community.


The vision of the SLHS department at SF State is to be a leader in the field of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences for advancing critical thinking, equity and scientific rigor. We aspire to meet the challenges of creating pathways for recruiting, supporting, retaining and nurturing high qualified students and professionals that represent diverse histories, identities, life experiences, and perspectives. The SLHS administration, faculty, student body and professional partners represent a community of practice that respects and supports individuals with communication disabilities; that integrates research with clinical practice; that embodies equity; and that fosters an inclusive student/professional community in service of accessible communication for all.

Clinic Student during session
Student helping during a session
Clinic session discussion